Sou'wester Artist Residency: A Summary

Last week, I had the chance to spend five days at the Sou'wester Lodge in Seaview, WA to start researching and writing a musical about women working. Here's a summary of what I did, in the form of my thank you-note to them.

"Dear Sou'wester,

Hello! I hope you had a great week (and a great time at Spaceness!) I hope you got my thank-you note; I also wanted to send you a quick summary of my time participating in your residency.

I researched for the musical I’m writing, which included watching Rent, Hair, Sweeney Todd, and reading the script for Next to Normal. I read the memoir A Cup of Water Under My Bed, and parts of Gender Trouble and I am Your Sister. I drafted 5 songs; I recorded the spoken version of one here.

In addition, I went for walks on the beach, was greeted by many eagles and deer, learned to cable a hat, listened to wonderful records, and penned letters and postcards to people i love. I reveled in the solitude and did a lot of thinking, dreaming, and writing.

I’ll certainly plan to stay in touch about the project, and I hope to visit you again! Thank you for providing a magical space to create, and for being kind and lovely hosts. Please let me know if I can ever return the favor. I appreciate you!

All the best and many thanks,


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